Frequently Asked Questions

Personal Questions

Who are your inspirations?

I enjoy Caravaggio's stark contrasts between figure and ground, as well as his very active subject matter. Van Gogh is another personal favorite, both as an artist and his life story. For woodcuts in particular, stylistically I enjoy and sort of try to emulate Kirchner.

What themes do you pursue?

Some of my work focuses on mental health awareness, disability awareness, and my experiences with both. Otherwise, you'll find animals -- my pets mostly -- as they are a major coping mechanism for me and random doodles turned into full fledged artworks.

Do you listen to music while creating?

Yes! I have several playlists saved in my Spotify curated by others that are "Writing/Art/Creative" music. These often include movie soundtracks and other non-vocal tracks, allowing for more focus. I do however listen to my own curated library that contains a very wide variety to shake things up.

How/why did you start creating art?

I've always enjoyed writing, and have been doing so in various forms since I was very young -- elementary school, roughly second grade or third grade. Art classes growing up were fun, but I didn't really click with them until I got older. As for drawing, I've always doodled...over everything and anything. Journals and homework assignments, tests even...and of course, stacks upon stacks of spiral notebooks. Why I started creating art is both a very simple and very complex answer. It has always been an outlet for my burning creativity, but also a way to cope with physical disability and, eventually, mental illness.


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